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I'm Woody Rini. I turn creative introverts into Liberated Millionaires. My brand of coaching provides 3 unique types of value:

1) I work with you to create you a 7 figure brand. It won't happen overnight, or in a year, but we'll work together to create a Brand so powerful that you know you can scale it to 7 figures.

2) I provide you the opportunity for MASSIVE spiritual and emotional growth. The level of emotional/spiritual mastery that my coaching clients receive is second to none.

3) You'll leave your work with me having designed an AIRTIGHT lifestyle of abundance, happiness, and giving back. My clients rave about how my lifestyle design techniques enhance their productivity and happiness.

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The Lifestyle of a Liberated Millionaire

14 Days of Detox

5 Digital Health Disciplines

One New Life.

For a limited time, 99 cents on Kindle and Free on KindleUnlimited. This Digital detox program is single-handedly responsible for all of my success in life, and now I've laid it out clearly so you can do it too. Less TV, more development. This is the way Liberated Millionaires live.

Liberated Millionaire Mastermind 2020

Are you a creative, passionate introvert seeking a liberated life and a 7 figure personal brand?


You CAN do it with our tribe.

Every week, all mastermind members use my proprietary Liberation worksheet to achieve their biggest goal.

You'll get a slot in a "hot seat" where you receive 20 minutes of focus time from the group at least once a month.

Whenever I find amazing resources for development, you'll be the first to know.

Every week, I teach a 30 minute lesson on a core Liberated Millionaire Principle.

Everything I design is yours. I go as far as to screencapture my lifestyle techniques and make a video library for you.

We compile resources and share referrals - this program will ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS

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The Liberated Millionaire Podcast

Your commute just improved.

And so did you.

The most innovate ideas in self-development, guaranteed to make you happy and wealthy at the same time.


The Liberated Millionaire Blog

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The ultimate educational guide for the Liberated Millionaire Community. If you're looking for a massive library of ideas and articles than can kickstart you on the path to liberation, the blog is the place to go.

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