Be Understood Like Never Before

 I make two promises to my clients: You will be understood like never before. And you will achieve what you never have before.

I coach 6 clients per year, all of whom are on 12 month committed coaching tracks with weekly meetings. 

Here's how you will know if you can get to your dreams through a coaching relationship with me:

  1. You love helping people and would bust through walls for the people you love.                                                               

  2. You like ideas more than details, but some people wouldn't know it because you're talented and disciplined enough to make the details work when you have to.                                                                                                                  

  3. You can be fanatical about productivity - you're the type of person who has tried the keto diet, or tried media fasting, or used 6 different productivity tracking apps. You've probably bought some kind of self-improvement program or coaching before because you just can't get enough.                                                          

  4. You love taking a lesson from one area of life and applying it to other areas (e.g., realizing an emotional journal helped your attitude, and thus creating a food journal to help your eating habits.)                                     

  5. You're enthusiastic about life - people often compliment your energy, your smile, your genuine manner.                  

  6. You can be reclusive at times. You are great with people, but at heart you're an introvert. Frankly, you've probably given up too much of your personal time because you feel the need to always be there for people.         

  7. You have this sinking feeling that somehow in life you're ... compromising. You have money. You have relationships. You have done the behaviors that society rewards. But even after being a successful rule-follower, you're left with this hollow feeling. This bothers you immensely but you're being indecisive about it.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  8. You have piercing insights and get frustrated that people don't listen to you more. At work, you often bottle yourself up or hide your true talents because you feel you wouldn't be understood. You also feel like maybe you just weren't meant to think so deeply or creatively. Considering this causes you great pain.                                          

  9. You're terrified of living life without using your full potential or being fully happy. It's why you're here on this page. Your life is fine on the outside. But if you look deep, you see that you are craving more because you know you can do more and be happier.                                                                                                                               

  10. You're ready to jump. You're ready to work with a coach who has experience working with (and being!) a person exactly like you. You're ready to unbottle yourself, to live life fully, to be happier, to achieve everything you ever wanted.

If those things ring true to you, here is what will happen when we work together, week after week, for 1 year.

  1. You will conquer all of your fears and live life on your terms. Your mind will become a fortress.

  2. You will have no doubt about your happiness - you'll consider yourself one of the happiest people on earth.

  3. You will meet your financial goals with ease, and you probably won't ever worry about money again.

  4. You will become a rock for the people who need you the most. Your resiliency will be off the charts.

  5. You will have literally boundless energy. You will feel like you can do anything.

  6. You will be free from the "what if there was more to life?" fear because you'll be living all out.

  7. You will live as the highest version of your self, for the rest of your life.

  8. Ultimately, AFTER you do all this deep inner work, you will find that you are having an incredible impact on others' lives. You have to look inside first, but after you do, the results you create for others will be astounding.

Why Pick Me?

  • I am more disciplined about my personal growth than anyone. I've got a copy of "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer that I've read over 100 times, because I read parts of it again every single day. I double down on the content of that book and am at a deeper spiritual place than any coach you will find.                    

  • I have my own first-rate coach and am attending Tony Robbins' Unleash The Power Within in November 2019. When all is said and done, I will have invested $28,500 in my own coaching this year, and my results are OFF THE CHARTS. 

  • I co-own an art business (with my wife Preetha) that is making over a thousand dollars a month in its first year, and still growing. I know how to grow a business, I know how to get results in the real world, and I can show you. 

  • I have more energy than anybody on the planet, and that excess energy is going to be given to YOU during each and every session. Seriously. Ask somebody who knows me.

  • I have more LOVE for the world than anybody on the planet, and during this coaching relationship, you will gain access to a love for all things deeper than you ever thought possible. Don't take my word. Find someone who knows me and ask.

I'm the only coach I know who coaches people like you. Unifiers. Sensitive souls who crave a bigger impact. People who see deeply into things, who have creative ideas, but also crave approval. If you need coaching but don't sign take the leap of faith to apply for an interview, you are making a mistake that will reverberate throughout the entirety of your life. Just applying will give you the confidence to take massive action in your life, regardless of if we decide to work together.

I'm going to teach you how to stop holding back. I'm going to plug you into my proprietary "upward spiral" system that will bring you constantly increasing happiness and success. And I'm going to ask for every last bit of commitment, will, and focus from you in every session.


Are you ready to live life on your terms? This is the most life-changing agreement you will ever make, and it will be intense.


To apply for an interview for one of the 6 positions on the roster, simply click the button below. Only serious and qualified candidates will be screened, and not all candidates who receive an interview will be accepted.

"I downloaded Woody's book on a whim, not really thinking I needed a social media or phone detox. But once I started reading (and took the quiz) I realized I was living in distraction and "in a fog" as Woody put it. As an entrepreneur I'm constantly looking for ways to improve and better myself so I figured I'd give this a go. It's super eye-opening! Even if you don't want to implement anything, I highly recommend you at least read it because you'll think about your phone differently. The screen time suggestions were my favorite part. I implemented Woody's recommendations immediately, and have tweaked my settings over time so that it works for me. I even re-read the book last week and decided to take a full two-week break from social media and my productivity SKYROCKETED. I just never knew how much time I wasted on my phone. I also loved the tips about the morning routine. Every business owner and young professional should read this!"

- Rachel Richards, Bestselling Author of Money Honey 

"Woody is incredible!!! I don't think I've ever met anyone who cares so much about people. He's always a blast to talk to. Through my work with Woody, I've taken my dream of creating a designer bag and made it into a reality. His business acumen and ability to ask tough questions were critical for me. This guy is the real deal."

- Chuck T., Designer Bag Manufacturer.

"Woody coached me through a difficult semester of graduate school via regularly scheduled phone conversations. With his coaching, I was able to complete my master’s thesis and pass my final class to graduate (a class which I previously failed to complete the year before). He was patient with my emotion, gave me specific things to do (without doing things for me) and he believed in me when I didn’t. I would definitely recommend him as a life coach!!!"

- Sarah G., Teacher

"Woody coached me as part of his Clean Mind Boot Camp in May 2019. I have to say, his techniques improved my productivity at work more than I thought possible. I'm a skeptic: I challenged his ideas quite a bit. But Woody didn't falter, and showed me just how powerful limiting my consumption of social media could be. I feel like my life is trending in the right direction after being in this program."

- Jack, Financial Analyst

How People Feel About Working with Me