About Me

Live Smarter. Live Kinder. Live Better.

That's the motto I live by. I was drawn to coaching because I saw that more than anything else in the world, coaching enables people to live kinder and smarter. And that's the only way to generate lasting change in our own lives OR in the world.

I love eating sushi, playing tennis and golf, and reading any non-fiction I can get my hands on. My burning quest for how to live the best life possible took me to an amazing coach who works with me every week to bring my light into the world.

I co-own an art business, Prints by Preetha LLC., with my wife Preetha. We have a blast managing our business and growing deeper into our relationship every single year.

I know that we all use less than 1% of our potential on a given day unless we are intentional about getting more from ourselves. People have called me crazy, insane, and unrealistic for wanting to knock over society's barriers and live the life of my dreams. And every day I'm proving to the world that it's possible to be incredibly joyful and generous while also succeeding greatly in business.

If you want to join the movement, it's as simple as subscribing to the newsletter and then letting my content shape your life to make it more amazing than you thought possible. You'll even get my book, The Clean 14 Revolution, for free as a bonus gift!