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I only refer you to books that I have spent my own money to purchase on Amazon. I have picked 9 books that I literally could not live without, given you the link, and told you why they're irreplaceable below. Enjoy!

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The Enlightenment Trio

These three books are my favorite right now. I would go as far as to say that if you purchase just ONE of these books and study it ritually every day, you'll be changed forever. 

The Untethered Soul is perfect for intellectuals looking to understand the world and learn to escape the rat race. I read this book and immediately had life-changing breakthroughs that have skyrocketed my happiness.

Love is Letting Go of Fear is perfect for those who want a simple message of the truth of life. This book is EXACTLY RIGHT about life, and if you just bought this book and listened to what it says, your life would change drastically. You would feel love towards everyone and everything. You'd be happy forever.

Siddartha is fiction, but not really. Herman Hesse uses the story of a fictional character Siddartha to show how one should reach enlightenment. This book is so inspiring, and it manages to teach through a narrative, which is always more powerful. Can't recommend enough.

The Lifestyle Trio

These are the three lifestyle books that have impacted me the most.

The Gifts of Imperfection helped me find myself. If you struggle with shame, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, you HAVE to get this book. I recommend a hardback copy because she has 10 "Signposts" and it's nice to be able to flip through the chapters to the one that matters to you at the time.

The One Thing is frankly just incredible at showing you your human potential. This is the book my life coach sent me when I signed on with him, and it's just blown my success up like crazy. You will be taking massive, intentional actions after you read this book. The best part of this one for me was that it showed me the power of COMPOUNDING EFFORT!

Essentialism is like the intellectual counterpart of the One Thing. Whereas the One Thing hammers you, Essentialism gently explains just how awesome it is to not be distracted all of the time. I LOVE this book, and the Chapter about Southwest airlines and not straddling your strategy will SPEAK to you.

The Money Trio

These three books will teach you everything you need to know about money.

Money Honey by Rachel Richards is the single best place to start, period. She covers everything you need to know about money and she makes it FUN. This was her first book and she already has 400+ rave reviews on Amazon. This book will make you smart and will make you laugh at the same time. Did I mention you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited?

The Automatic Millionaire is the simple way to do everyday finance. This book helped me build retirement savings of 40k+ by the time I was 25, all without thinking about finance for more than 30 minutes a month. David will make you a millionaire.

Think and Grow Rich is the final pillar in my money trio because until you lose your fear of money, you'll never truly be rich. Truth be told, you can do whatever David Bach, Dave Ramsey, or whoever else tells you to do, set your millions in your retirement funds, and STILL be scared of money and unhappy about money. Until you work on your MONEY MINDSET, all those millions don't do you any good. So don't neglect to grab Napoloeon Hill's book on Money. And by the way, you can replace "Grow Rich" with whatever you want in that title. "Think and Be Happy." "Think and Change the world." His Six Step process for getting results works for anything (I actually use it).

Okay, one final money-based shoutout. As much as I read on money, I listen to TWICE as much on ONE PODCAST that will change your life. If you are ready to go on the money mindset journey, check out Chris Harder's Website For the Love of Money. It has ruined other podcasts for me because it's so much better than every other podcast I've listened to (except my own! hah.).

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