Happiness, Freedom, and Wealth are just moments away

Who are these Liberated Millionaires, and why should I want to join them?

Liberated Millionaires are those of us who have done the INNER work to become abundant in both wealth and happiness. 

We're always smiling.

We're always affirming people and lifting them up.

We're always pushing ourselves to learn more, grow faster, so that we can create wealth and help more people.

We operate from a 7+ figure mindset - we think earning a million dollars in a year isn't just possible, it's inevitable with the right hard work and creativity.

Most of all, we have a COLLECTIVE ENERGY that blows people away. When you get in the room with us, you feel an emotional presence you've never felt. You suddenly understand that more is possible for you, that infinite happiness is possible, and that you can become wealthy along the way. 

Your Liberation is just a moment away.

The Three Types of Liberated Millionaires

Liberated Millionaires come in three main types. Find the one that resonates most closely with you, then read along to see the best way to engage.

The Part Time Young Entrepreneur

  • You're likely a millennial.

  • You work a 9 to 5 job that you hate and are DESPERATE to get off of.

  • You run an enterprising business in your free time that you love.

  • You feel guilty because you KNOW you aren't using your full potential.

  • You might not know that stifling your creative genius is impacting your relationships and your mental health.

  • You're HUNGRY. You are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, and you're hungry to be around other high-achievers.

The Value Joining the Liberated Millionaire Tribe Brings You is:

  • Getting to be around other people like you - upleveling your tribe is the quickest way to uplevel your life and ditch the day job.

  • Coaching on transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship, from a coach who has made the very same move.

  • Getting access to people who are more experienced and earning far more than you. You're on their level mentally, so you deserve to be in the conversation with them. The Liberated Millionaire Tribe allows you to do that.

The Hustling Entrepreneur

  • You already make 6+ figures in your own business. You're feeling the stress of constantly needing to grow as fast as the people you see on social media. You're doing really well, yet you feel anxiety daily.

  • The phrase that describes your average day is "Crazy Busy." Every day, you are writing a book, creating a podcast, going to an event, posting on social media 3 times a day, planning for financial growth, and maybe getting some personal time in there if you're lucky.

  • You're finding success, but it feels like a heavy burden. Deep down, you know you're self-sabotaging by refusing to face your fears directly. That's why you hide in staying busy with things that don't bring you happiness.

  • Sometimes you feel like you're the only person in existence who is this intense and motivated, and you feel lonely. You wish someone could "get" you.

  • You might NOT know that there is an EASIER way to do life. You can work far less and achieve far more. You might not realize that finding a better way to be productive, and finding a group to do it with, is everything.

The Value Joining the Liberated Millionaire Tribe Brings You is:

  • The IMMEDIATE reinforcement of being around other people who are shooting for 7+ figure goals, and a game-plan to get there.

  • The coaching to help you SELF-REFLECT on why money is so important to you, and how you can have a more abundant mindset it with money.

  • Introduction to the mental and emotional side of things: Joining Liberated Millionaires ensures that you won't become one of the MANY people who are working hard and long for money, only to find it didn't bring them happiness.

The Happiness-Obsessed Empty-Nester

  • You're likely between the ages of 50-65.

  • You look towards retirement, and you actually FEAR what you see.

  • Your marriage may not be what it used to be, and you're noticing now because the kids are finally out of the house.

  • Your work situation is comfortable, but it doesn't make you happy. You're just not sure what else to do, so you work a LOT.

  • You've snapped and realized that you need to CLAIM YOUR HAPPINESS right now, or else you have a future that seems very, very bleak. 

  • You're ready to do whatever it takes to claim that happiness and create a work and retirement scenario that rekindles the fire within you.

The Value Joining the Liberated Millionaire Tribe Brings You is:

  • The commitment to plan to make life different. You're up against a lot of inertia in your relationships and work, and joining this ambitious group will bring you the power to bust out of those comfortable but unhappy situations.

  • The business mentorship to get you to a better money scenario, whether that's getting a different job, running your own business, or contributing to charity with the money you already have. Becoming a Liberated Millionaire will get your money situation to where it needs to be.

  • Happiness. Real, authentic happiness. For the first time in your life, you're going to listen to your inner voice, do what you actually WANT to do, and be truly, authentically, happy. We'll hold you to that.